The Modern .NET Show - Navigating the Web of HATEOAS and HTMX: Unleashing the Power of Hypermedia and Simplified Front-End Wizardry

I was a guest on The Modern .NET Show, hosted by the amazing Jamie Taylor, where we discussed HATEOAS, Hypermedia and HTMX! I’ve always been a fan of the show, so it was an absolute pleasure to be a guest on it!

I met Jamie last year at the MVP Summit and hung out a lot with him again this year! He’s a great guy and I thoroughly recommend that you listen to the show!

Interested in listening to the episode? 👉 Check it out here! 👈

If you’re ever looking for a guest for your tech-related podcast, feel free to contact me!

I also wrote a blog post about HATEOAS, and I also have an entire session about HATEOAS that I like to present at conferences, events and meet-ups! If you are interested in that, make sure to contact me as well! Finally, I’ve spoken about HATEOAS on the BetaTalks Podcast as well!