podcast - New DevSecOps series announcement (Ep. 1: The Developer workplace)

I’m excited to announce that I’m now a co-host of the podcast for the brand new DevSecOps series! Together with fellow Microsoft MVP’s Pouyan Khabazi and Frans Oudendorp we’ll cover all things DevSecOps! Each of us has experience in different areas of DevSecOps, so we’ll be able to cover a wide range of topics!

I love speaking about software development but I also love learning about other perspectives and roles in the field of IT. Being able to share knowledge but also gain it from the other co-hosts makes this a very exciting opportunity for me and you!

What does 'DevSecOps' mean?
DevSecOps is a software development methodology that emphasizes integrating security practices into the DevOps process. It aims to create a culture of shared responsibility for security among developers, operations, and security teams, and to ensure that security is built into the software development lifecycle from the beginning.

In this first episode we talk about securing “the workplace” in a company. Developers like to have their freedom to do whatever they want with their machine. However, security specialists would prefer to rein in that freedom to ensure every device stays compliant and everything stays secure. Makes sense, right? However, this can create friction! How do you approach this topic, what are our thoughts and what could be a fitting solution?
👉 Listen to the episode to find out! 👈

Feel free to share this new series with others who might also be interested! If you’d like us to discuss specific topics or case studies from the DevSecOps field, or would even like to be a guest on the show, leave a comment below or contact me!

Also, what did you think of this first episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Finally: If you’re ever looking for a guest for your tech-related podcast, feel free to contact me as well!